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The Titanfall beta is over, and now we’re left waiting until March before we can hop back into another Titan. Now that we’ve got a taste of Respawn’s new shooter, we have a few improvements we would like to see before the game hits store shelves. Find out what we would like changed in the video below.


NEW WARRIOR SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warrior reveal Sept. 14


Rumors swirl of a vanishing Warrior, of a name and title glimpsed in a faraway land. But what’s to trust? The ravings of wild-eyed Rangers clutching tightly to their blackened bows?


  • Friday, Sept. 14 at 2:30pm Pacific
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Join us for the unveiling, preview changes across the Calling, and more!

The RIFT Team

My MMO Predictions

So after being right about FFXIV crashing and burning and Star Wars: The Old Republic not being so great I thought I’d use my keen gaming skills to predict the future. So I’m going to highlight a few games and tell you what I think.

1. Rift
With a possible expansion on the horizon and having had just released yet another major content update Rift shows no signs of slowing. Trion has been hiring while other studios are firing. Trion has said[which might be PR bs] that there initial launch numbers were way over what they were predicting and the numbers now are where they wanted them. Whether you think it’s a clone or the same kind of game as that other big mmo I think everyone can agree that the customer service is great and the rapid release of content will keep you busy. I predict this game will still be going strong on it’s 2 year anniversary on March 2013. I also predict that it will have more content at that time then that other big mmo that’s been out for a decade.

2. Star Wars: The Old Republic
With Bioware just firing some of it’s swtor employees it doesn’t look good for this one. The recently released “Jesus Patch” broke more then fixed. There were so many problems with a certain area of the game[Illum] that they closed it down. Having to to grind through pvp just to be able to do a pve 5 man is not good design. Also building a MMO on the Hero engine that wasn’t even capable of that is just terrible. I again ask how can a no name company like Trion come out of the blue and make a decent game and a established developer like Bioware comes out with this grossly under par one? I predict by the end of this year that this game is F2P or dead if they don’t get there expansion out by then. Also not good that it is talking about a expansion after only 5 months.

3. Tera
First it’s a Korean MMO so it’s losing points already. After XIV and Aion flops asian MMO’s have left a sour taste for me. Over sexualized child toons doesn’t sit right with me. And that the biggest reason guys will really play this is cause of boobs. It feels like you are playing Aion but with a new face. Combat is cake and there’s not really a challenge that I can see in this game. I predict that no one will care about Tera by the end of the year. No one will be talking about it and no one will be playing it[in America at least].

4. Guild Wars 2

Skyrim: Dawnguard


By Mike Jackson for computerandvideogames.com
The announcement has been made via a teaser image (pictured) on the official Bethesda blog, revealing little more than the title and that it’ll be “coming this summer to Xbox 360”.

It also says to expect “more details at E3”, which is handy since, you know, we’ll be there and all.

Although there are no further details, Skyrim players apparently uncovered clues in a recent game update which hinted at DLC featuring Snow Elf characters, crossbows and new vampire animations.

Bethesda has also launched an English Kinect support update for Skyrim today. A full list of English voice commands is now available. The company said French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions are all in final testing and should be available in the next few weeks.

Being the Leader of the Free World [my take]

I recently posted something a little funny as well as a little political on my facebook today. I was told I have no idea what I am talking about. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this just the most recent. Now I want to make it clear that I feel that people can say what they want because I love that people think differently. I do like to try and find common ground if I can. Now I understand people wont like my view but if we all thought the same then we would be robots and that is wrong.

So now that that’s out of the way. This post is about how I think Presidents don’t do there job. I’ll keep this rant confined to the two most recent president’s because I could care less if someone is a Republican or Democrat doesn’t mean you can’t do your job.

Let’s start with the President’s pay. According to WhoStuffWorks President Clinton raised the pay for presidents to $400k which went into effect January, 2001. So that means both Bush and Obama made/make 400k a year. According to Wikipedia from 2001 up to today the average American makes about $50k a year on average. That number hasn’t really changed in over ten years. The President makes at least 4 times what you do a year and that’s not counting all the bonuses they get. Now the average American pay breaks down to 24 bucks an hour minus overtime. The President makes 192 bucks an hour but that’s based on a 40 hour work week which the President does work more hours then you. But even though the Presidency isnt a 9-5 job still doesn’t mean they don’t get vacations. Bush spent 16% of his Presidency on vacation but half of that was at his ranch which was setup to be the white house away from the white house. Obama has spent 3% of his Presidency on vacation so far. Again the President doesn’t work a 9-5 job he’s mostly “On Call” for stuff.

All that money and the president doesn’t really do much.  Mostly the president is the mouth piece for America. Congress does most of the work involving bill’s and such, But that doesn’t mean he can’t get involved. The President can veto bills and also rally support for changes. Usually Presidents start out as governors or congressmen, That’s when you get people on your side and if you really wanted stuff to change you could but they would have to work at it and most don’t care. This rant started when I made the comment “Any president could change everything in probably 2 years if they wanted to, but thats the thing they dont want to.” and they really could but they are either tied by promises and blood money or they just don’t care that much. I’m not ragging on any one president I just want people to not buy into the bullshit that every candidate says. That is all good day.