Zynga sued over Facebook privacy breaches – Massively

Zynga and its stable of Facebook games have never exactly won the hearts of MMO fans, but they’ve managed to avoid a lawsuit up until now. Unfortunately for them, a class-action lawsuit has been filed today seeking monetary relief for the unwarranted and undesirable release of private information. Filed by Nancy Graf of St. Paul, MN, the suit also seeks an injunction to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future, in a direct response to Monday’s news that several games and applications have been leaking private information.

Although Zynga was listed among the companies sending out private information, the company is claiming that the lawsuit is wholly without merit and will be fought accordingly. The full details on the suit are available from Gamasutra, with the security breaches still apparently being labeled as unintentional results as they were on Monday. We’ll have more on the story as it develops, although it seems to be a definite black eye for one of the largest social gaming companies on the web.

Zynga sued over Facebook privacy breaches – Massively.


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