3G IPhone

WOW the IPhone is now 3G!! Which I think is absolutely ridiculous that now Apple has a 3G phone after the technology has been out for several years and they still made a phone that ran on the EDGE network come on.

I have said forever that Apple is not worth your time and money because of such things as this. Everything they make you can have with them more mainstream windows world and it’s better. Case in point I have an old Creative Zen Vision M and it still beats Apple’s IPod because all I have to do is plug it in and it has a built-in radio that everyone I know that has a IPod wishes they had. If you compare these two products when they first came out they both were the same price and they both had the same price except Creative’s had more features but Apple had better marketing hence why everyone that don’t know anything go with Apple.

Apple computer’s are a little cheaper then pre-made PC’s by Dell and HP but they go outdated way quicker. I personally can make a way better PC that’s cheaper and faster then any MAC or other Pre-made PC out there.

Also, Mac OS X is at it’s base Free BSD Which is Unix which is what Linux is also built off of and Linux is free and you can make it to where you can run Mac and Windows Apps in Linux. Also everything is basically made for Windows and Windows is so far ahead or Apple with coding and Games and acceptance of hardware.

I do have to say I do know more then the average person but this is like politics in the sense that if your going to get into it then you need to educate yourself so your not screwed by saleman and end up getting stuff that wont work for you next year or will have a hard learning curve.


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