I’m sick and tired of weak people

There is a article at the Guardian [video] about Heinz having to stop running an ad that had two men kissing. You might think as I did wow sounds shocking I have to see it. After seeing it I was shocked at all the outrage it got. I actually thought it was creative and got the message across rather well. But some people had to whine about it and not really because it was “offensive” but because they had to do some parenting and talk to there kids about same sex marriages. I say this to you all you piece of shit parents that cant do your fucking job GROW A PAIR and beat your kids when they need it like in a grocery store and they are streaming whack em[on the butt of course i’m not evil i’m not saying in the face or anything]. Tell your kids stuff prepare them for the world don’t try and shelter them because if you do they won’t work right in the world. YOU!!! need to teach them it’s not the school’s job to teach them everything just the basic’s YOU!! need to take charge and go the extra mile and if you don’t want to then here guess what DON’T HAVE FUCKING KIDS and alot of you shouldn’t have. This is why we need to bring back natural selection and let these weak links die i’m serious folks do some research our entire world is at stake. I know it’s not a great comparison but watch a movie called idiocracy and you’ll undertand. I’m sry for my rant but sometimes I have to blow up and I just get sick and tired of these pussified people. I will also be starting a section on the pussification of america and it stuff like this that goes in there.

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