Political Copycat?

I found a article yesterday that kinda made me shake my head. This guy Sam Stein for The Huffington Post wrote a short and may I say sucky article about how McCain stole Obama’s slogan and logo.

Now first let me say that I’m for neither of these guys, OK so if we look at these two side by side we can see were they are similar and were they differ. The colors are definitely the same but they are also those of the flag so technically speaking it’s not really copying but maybe only from the flag. The res stripes can maybe be argued that they are the same if maybe Obama had more then three because McCain has seven. In Obama’s theres a sun in McCain’s theres blue rays with the sun hidden.


I think this guy was really bored and had to make a shocking article which is personally shockingly lame. Is this what people are finding to pick at the candidates? and I did look at the site and Sam’s articles and they seem a little umm biased. That’s all just a little rant tell me what you think.

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