Interesting evidence against Hillary

Hey Everyone,

    I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but what with college and work I haven’t had the time. I have found time today though especially when I found this interesting video on youtube.

    It tells how Hillary had intimate knowledge of everything that went on during Bill’s presidency and when she was running for Senator she was approached by a city councilman and spokesman for the Hispanic community with a package that asked for the pardoning of two members of the FALN. The FALN was a terrorist organization here in the U.S.

    Bill even said that those making the bombs are different from those using em. WHAT!!?? If I’m with someone and they shot someone and I don’t report it I’m an accomplice and I go to jail too. It doesn’t matter if they made em or used em or made plans to use em that intent and they go to jail.

    Please folks don’t vote for Hillary. If your against Bush so much don’t vote Hillary cause that another legacy that America doesn’t need. Vote Obama.


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