Well I just checked my blog from feedburner and it seems that I have a whole whopping 1 subscriber. I was happy that at least someone is reading this but I would like more. To my one subscriber I say “PLEASE TELL MORE PEOPLE HELP ME OUT BUDDY!!”. To be serious I would like more people to read and comment and I’m even open to getting emails and IM’s. I’m planning on making a podcast soon I just need to get the equipment and set it up. I have some potential co-hosts that might help me do the shows. I don’t really do this for me I do it more for the people I like when the people are more open minded and informed. We can’t just sit back and let the government do what they want. WE are America, and WE are its government not the politicians, WE make the rules that’s what democracy is all about. On a different note I’m almost done with my last comparison post so watch out for that. Thank you and good night.


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