Debate #1

Well dave made a good comment and since I have nothing else to talk about yet I post my response to his response on my post on Crappy May.

Daves comment is in green-
“There’s so much I want to say in response to your post, but I’ll try and limit myself. I’d really encourage you to look a little deeper at these issues. Honestly it doesnt’ seem like you give much effort to formulating these opinions. It reminds me of the stuff you said about the Big Bang Theory apparently based on watching a single television show. Really look into these things. Analyze the presuppositions you hold and ask yourself why you hold them. Your analysis is mostly based on ignorance and propaganda with absolutely no class consciousness. It’s not that we disagree as you may suspect but you simply don’t have the historical context in which to make a valid opinion.”

I have analyzed my opinions and morales through out my life adding to em as I got older. I have lived around illegals from almost all nationalities in my life. I have lived anywhere from a car to the street, to a moderate home and even in motels. I have lived in poverty. I know how the seedy underbelly of america is. My life now is astronomicaly better then it was then. I have personal experience with illegals and how the economy treats them and americans.

“On the just plain silly: You hate a month? Doesn’t that seem a bit silly to you? I can imagine neo-nazis hating February because it’s Black History month. It just seems so silly.”

I can’t dispise a month? I hate poision oak and this is usually when I get it. Also if you contrasting black history month to cinco de mayo there is some big differences. First black history month celebrates black inventors and leaders that have not only changed the lives of black people but all americans. Cinco de mayo is the mexicans celbrating there victoy against the french. It’s a mexican holiday not american. Dont take this as racism I dont mind if they celebrate there holiday but america needs it’s own identity not copying others.

“I’ll have you know that it wasn’t just “illegals” aka undocumented workers that were protesting. I was there along with a huge contingent of legal immigrants and Americans concerned with the radical shift toward a polices tate.”

I’m sure you ment “police state” right? and that’s nice.

“You speak about the laws as if they were set in stone and sent to us from god. But the reality is the law is not applie fairly to any of this. It took Rupert Murdoch just one month to attain citizenship. So the poor are excluded simply because of economics. The law should be applied uniformly regardless of class.”

Laws are basically set in stone unless they are changed thats how it is. Until illegal immigrants are not illegal they are criminals. Life is not fair as the immigrants waiting patienty know all to well as these crooks sneak into this country illegally. They are cutting ahead of the line. If we didn’t have to worry about illegals it might be easier to get in.

“The founding fathers weren’t illegal immigrants. They were conquerors who started the most powerful empire the world has ever seen. We massacred the natives, drove them on to reservations and stole half of Mexico, stole Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and established military bases on the great majority of nations on this planet.”

Wow you act like we are the only one to ever do this. Lets go back to the beginning of man up to this point how much death and destruction was there? How many empires destroyed other empires? How many people killed other people? How many times have we been wiped out? We are smart yes but we are a violent race and it has calmed but it’s not gone. We have made leaps and bounds in the last century alone in every aspect of humanity but we are still a violent race at heart.

“If you’re serious about immigration and not just a sheep to propaganda you’ll put energy into addressing the economic disparities that give rise to the problem. A good place to start would be Nafta, the school of the Americas, and our disgraceful history of intervention in Latin America.”

Economic disparities? Like how companys fire americans and hire 2 illegals for every american? disgraceful intervention? Like how one side asks for help when there’s a civil war going on? and how we go in and destroy the opposition and leave them to make there own government? Is all third world countries the fault of the U.S.?


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